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Luke is a 23 year old student, looking for love, until he finds Rose. Wave to Me follows Luke as he looks for Rose, fighting to find her in a sea of people, before he loses her. For players who enjoy platformers and romance, Wave to Me is a 3D platform game in which a man must maneuver through a crowd to find his love, and wave to her to be reunited. Unlike other platformers, Wave to Me uses the act of waving as a targeting device, and requires players to quickly strategize their movement by anticipating the behaviours of a crowd in order to win. Controls: W: move forward; S: move backward; D: move right; A: move left; Spacebar: wave; Mouse: camera control. Rules: Maneuver through the crowd and collect hearts to be able to wave. You can wave at any time, but the more hearts you collect, the more precisely you can locate Rose. Your heart will beat faster when you're near her. Collect 5 hearts to find her. Avoid obstacles or you'll lose your progress. Find her before time runs out, and your heart fades away.

Published Apr 16, 2017


WaveToME_V2.zip 127 MB