A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

How to correctly play the game:

This is single player puzzle Game, the mac build has the full scenes and window build only has the main gameplay scene.

Follow this steps to open the game:

  1. Download the game
  2. For Windows player, see the Image file to get mission and control
  3. Double click the executable to run the game

W/Up Arrow: Forward
S/Down Arrow: Backward
A/Left Arrow: Left Side Walk
D/Right Arrow: Right Side Walk
Mouse Click: interact with Intractable objects (apples, goat)
Mouse Roll: Camera View

For Rose is a fantasy puzzle solving the game. In the game, the players are in their dream about finding their beloved one and try to cheer their loved one up. In the journey of finding their beloved one, the players will meet different cute animals, and these animals solving the puzzle they are facing to get to befriend with them. There is also some gorgeous rose in the way that player can be collected as a gift.

3D Artists: Jimmz Zhang
2D Artists: Motahareh PL
Programer: Luke Li


ForRoseMac.zip 95 MB
ForRoseWin.zip 176 MB